GMHBA New Family Program

Safe Sleep Space has partnered with GMHBA to provide a specialised program designed to assist GMHBA members in the first few months when a baby is welcomed into a family.

The program offers parents a Safe Sleep Space DVD, Book and CD and additional telephone consultations with an early childhood specialist once your baby is born.

What does the New Family Program include?

Safe Sleep Space Infant DVD

This DVD provides parents and caregivers with an understanding of how babies brains naturally develop and how best to provide experiences that are considerate of each individual baby. The DVD highlights the need for parents to look closely at, and be guided by their baby’s behaviours and cues, so as to provide an appropriate parental response.

A Safe Sleep Space Book 3rd Ed (covers birth – 3 years) Author Helen Stevens

Features: Understanding Baby and toddler Sleep and Understanding baby and toddler segments, baby sleep videos, toddler sleep videos, footage of settling babies in cots and beds, step by step guides and more.

A Safe Sleep Space “Soothing Sounds for Sleep” CD

This 60 minute CD is based on an understanding of the meditative effect of multiple sound layers found within nature and combines white noise with binaural heartbeats.

Two 20 minute Safe Sleep Space telephone consultations

Telephone Consultants will provide the opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns they may have, including sleep. Safe Sleep Space consultants specialise in early parenting matters and are qualified Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Midwives and Early Childhood Professionals. They are able to guide you on a range of topics, in the hope of enhancing your parenting experience. Having worked in the field for a number of years, all the qualified and experienced consultants are well versed in all issues relating to this phase of life, as well as being knowledgeable about local resources families may benefit from, if needed.

Can any members access the program?

To be eligible for the program. GMHBA members must have an active membership with Gold or Bronze Hospital cover, which includes pregnancy.

How do I register for the program?

Registration is simple, just complete the online registration form by clicking the link below. You will be sent the New Family Kit and welcome letter to confirm your registration. Or just call GMHBA on 1300 446 422 and their staff will be happy to help you register.

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How is the Program delivered?

The program is delivered in three parts;

  1. Within 2 weeks of registering for the New Families Program you will receive your New Family Kit to familiarise yourself with prior to your phone consultations. This kit includes:
    1. Safe Sleep Space Infant DVD
    2. A Safe Sleep Space Book
    3. A Safe Sleep Space "Soothing Sounds for Sleep" CD
  2. Safe Sleep Space will email you with a proposed date and time for your initial telephone consultation. You can contact Safe Sleep Space directly to change the time if you need.
  3. You will receive two 20 minute telephone support calls with a Safe Sleep Space Consultant. Safe Sleep Space will remind you, by text, prior to your telephone booking times.

The GMHBA New Family Program:

Other important information about the program

  • GMHBA is providing this service to members as a completely separate service to any membership. The New Family program will be independently run by Safe Sleep Space.
  • The information you share with Safe Sleep Space will be kept completely confidential by Safe Sleep Space and is not disclosed to GMHBA.
  • Your participation is at no extra cost to you. GMHBA will pay the cost of the program as part of your hospital cover (Gold or Bronze Hospital cover that includes pregnancy are eligible).
  • No hospital excess is applicable to the New Family program.
  • Your participation in this program will not affect your membership limits in any way.
  • Your information provided to Safe Sleep Space will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of providing you with the program. You can the Safe Sleep Space Privacy Policy here.
  • De-identified program data will be provided to GMHBA by Safe Sleep Space purely to assess the success of and for improvements to delivering the program.
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