Safe Sleep & Settling Risk Assessment Audits

Did you know that Safe Sleep Space can assist your Early Childhood Education and Care service with an independent onsite Sleep & Settling Risk Assessment and Audit?

Baby sleeping in a cot | Safe Sleep Space

Why do a risk assessment for your service?

• Supporting healthy sleep development in early childhood is vital to ensure that infants and children thrive and meet their individual potential.

• The importance of supporting early sleep development is also reflected in the National Quality Standard for ECEC which specifies that “each child’s wellbeing and comfort is provided for, including appropriate opportunities to meet each child’s need for sleep, rest and relaxation (Quality Area 2, Element 2.1.1)

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Approved providers nominated supervisors and family day care educators need to take every reasonable precaution to protect children from harm and hazards within sleep and rest environments at centre-based and family day care services.

Our Sleep & Rest Risk Assessments are designed to work collaboratively with services and are conducted on-site by our Clinical Team (providing an independent lens) and with the aim of supporting services with sleep practices whilst informing Service QIP.

The six key areas of focus in our Risk Audit (and included in an accompanying detailed report) are:-
1. Cot & Bedding Safety and Cot Placement
2. Supporting Infant Sleep
3. Sleep Safety Needs
4. Sleep Environment - Visibility/Safety
5. Sleep Environment - Lighting/Temperature
6. Educators and Sleep

What's involved?

Onsite 1.5hr (approx) Audit of Centre Sleep Rooms

Delivered by qualified Safe Sleep Space Clinicians

Accompanying Report with suggested recommendations to assist with informing Centre Sleep & Rest Policy

Opportunity for onsite discussion with Centre Director on Safe Sleep & Settling to assist with Centre A & R