About Us

If your baby or toddler is struggling with sleep, we have solutions that are gentle and effective for both you and your child.

Sleep disturbances in babies and toddlers can be a result of many factors. Whatever the cause, the effect on both child and family can be enormous.

The Safe Sleep Space approach has been sought after by thousands of families and is used by professionals around the world. Our techniques are underpinned by research and an understanding that every child and family is unique.

We start by offering you a better understanding of your own child’s individual needs, cues and capabilities, then provide a step-by-step guide and practical strategies for creating an emotional and physical safe sleep space.

With an emphasis on a child’s healthy social and emotional development, our approach helps you reach sustainable change in a loving and informed way.

With patience and support, your baby or toddler will develop healthy sleep habits and the ability to sleep more soundly.