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Ever wondered what is actually involved in our sleep consultations? Is there any controlled crying involved? Can we really help without an in-home consultation? When should a parent seek support?

Who conducts the Sleep Consultations – are they qualified?

Yes, most definitely! All our Sleep Consults are conducted by qualified health professionals  or Early Childhood Educators who have extensive experience in early parenting having worked in the field and in the community for many years. All our Sleep Consultants have also undertaken the internationally acclaimed Circle of Security (COS) Parenting training and are registered Circle of Security© Parent Educators. Click here to read more about Sleep Consultants

What is involved in our sleep consultations, how does it work?

At Safe Sleep Space, we work with parents to help them gain a better understanding of their baby’s needs, cues and capabilities, then empower them with step-by-step and workable strategies for creating an emotional and physical safe sleep space.

Our sleep consultations are conducted over the phone. Our most popular package is our 3-Call Package which is conducted over a period of 10 -21 days.

During the initial 30-minute call, our Sleep Consultants will ask the parent a series of questions to understand the individual sleep issues (no two babies are ever the same when it comes to sleep!) and work through a personalised and achievable plan. During the subsequent calls, the same consultant will continue to work with the parents to build on the strategies and ultimately help their little one sleep better.  

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How much can be achieved without an in-home consultation?

We have worked with thousands of families across Australia and even internationally and it isn’t necessary to have face-to-face meetings in order to help parents address their infant or toddler’s sleep and settling concerns. We spend lots of time chatting to the parents to understand their baby’s unique temperament and personality.

We also find that parents prefer telephone consultations, as it’s easier, quicker and more convenient to organise. This approach also helps us help families across Australia and indeed the globe!

Is there any controlled crying involved?

No, we do not promote controlled crying or crying it out.

At Safe Sleep Space, we promote a gentle approach with an emphasis on caregiver interaction, the child’s social-emotional development and an understanding that every infant, toddler and parent is unique. Our aim is to help families reach sustained change in a loving and informed way. We encourage parents to comfort their children through the change process.

When should a parent seek support from Safe Sleep Space?

Parents can contact us at any point when they feel they need additional support. During the early infant stage (from birth to 10 weeks), we can offer our Nurture Call, where we help normalise newborn behaviour and help parents prepare for the months ahead when sleep challenges may come to the forefront. From 10 weeks onwards, parents can book a single Sleep Consultation or a 3-Call Package to implement a personalised plan.

What sets Safe Sleep Space apart from other Infant/Toddler Sleep Consultancies/Coaches?

All our Sleep Consultants are qualified health professionals or Early Childhood Educators with extensive experience in early parenting. We have helped thousands of families over the last 10 years and  we are renowned for our gentle approach to sleep and settling. Such is our reputation, we are frequently asked to speak at health professional seminars and conferences across Australia.

 You can book a sleep consultation online or by calling 1300 775 337