Sleep And Settling Webinar Series

Our Safe Sleep Space webinars are designed to assist Health Professionals working with families around Common Infant & Toddler Safe Sleep and Settling challenges. Each webinar is approximately 20 - 25 minutes in duration.

Infant [Birth - 12 months] Webinars

Part 1: Managing common Infant parental concerns.

  • Common Infant Sleep Challenges
  • Infant Temperaments & Sleep
  • Brain progression, not a regression
  • Circle of Security for sleep
  • Recap basic concepts to settle

Part 2: Common Sleep & Settling Infant Scenarios.

  • The Catnapper
  • Managing the effect of a new baby on toddler
  • Is it more than sleep? – anxious parent scenario


Toddler Webinars 

Part 1: Toddler Sleep Challenges

  • Common Sleep Regressions
  • Head Banging
  • Transitioning from 2 sleeps to 1
  • Cot to bed strategies
  • Nightmares vs night terrors

Part 2: Managing common parental concerns

  • Managing the early riser
  • Co-sleeping with a toddler: we don't want to do it anymore!
  • I want my toddler to have a short sleep
  • Driving in the car
  • Other common parental queries