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Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered what is actually involved in our sleep consultations? Is there any controlled crying involved? Can we really help without an in-home consultation? When should a parent seek support? Click on each of the questions below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Safe Sleep Space difference.

Who conducts the Sleep Consultations?
How do the Sleep Consultations work?
How much can be achieved without an in-home consultation?
Is there any controlled crying involved?
Should my baby be a particular age before I seek support from Safe Sleep Space?
What sets Safe Sleep Space apart from other Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultancies/Coaches?
What do past parents who have used the service have to say?
Do you offer consults for Twins or Triplets?
Are the Sleep Consults fully private and confidential?
How do I know if I need a Sleep Consult?

Book a Sleep Consultation

You can book a sleep consultation online or by calling 1300 775 337. Alternatively, if you would like more information before you book your consultation, please email