Nurses And Midwives Health New Family Program

Safe Sleep Space and our sister organisation Nourish Baby, have partnered with Nurses & Midwives Health to provide a program designed to help their members navigate pregnancy, birth and first few months of life with a newborn. The innovative and specialised program provides practical information and support on a range of antenatal and early parenting matters, including sleep and settling routines.

What does the New Family Program include?

Members participating in the program receive:

  • Nourish Baby Platinum membership – 12 months access to premium resources in Nourish’s online learning hub including over 6 hours of in-depth video tutorials, audio podcasts, eBooks, articles and more. The resources in Nourish’s online learning hub cover all the important topics including pregnancy health, a prenatal and postnatal fitness module (with instructor-led video classes), labour and birth preparation, feeding, parenting and relationships, infant and toddler care, and sleep and settling.
  • iCOPE Emotional Health Screening – Receive a confidential emotional health and wellbeing assessment to identify whether you may be at risk of experiencing depression or anxiety during pregnancy or following birth, and the likelihood that you may be experiencing these conditions currently. Your personalised, confidential report is delivered via email or SMS (generated using the iCOPE Digital Platform) and connects you to further information and local support services.
  • AROMABABY Barrier Balm and Mother & Child Oil - AROMABABY Natural Skincare was created by Melbourne mother Catherine Cervasio in 1994 as the first brand to combine the use of natural and organic ingredients with neonatal research.
  • Safe Sleep Space telephone consultations - Members participating in the program also receive access to telephone consultations with a trained Safe Sleep Space consultant. Based on individual circumstances, the consultations will support members through any early parenting challenges, particularly concerning infant sleep and settling.

    Can any member access the program?

    To be eligible for this program you must be a member of Nurses & Midwives Health and have Hospital Cover with all waiting periods served and be expecting a baby or have a baby who is less than three months old. Additional eligibility criteria may apply.

    To find out more, contact Nurses & Midwives Health on or call 1300 344 000. Eligible members will then be connected with a dedicated Teachers Healthcare Services care coordinator who will support members on their personal journey.

    How do I register for the program?

    If you are a Nurses & Midwives Health member click HERE to register. You will be directed to the Nurses & Midwives Health website where you will be able to find out more information about the program.

    How the program is delivered:

    The program is delivered in three parts;

    1. Following registration, you will be contacted by Teachers Healthcare Services on behalf of Nurses & Midwives Health to explain what happens next. Prior to baby’s arrival, you will receive your new Family Learning Set from Nurses & Midwives Health. This set will include your:
    • 12-month Platinum Nourish Baby membership
    • Link to iCOPE Emotional Health Assessment from Nourish Learning Hub
    • AROMABABY Barrier Balm and Mother & Child Oil
    • Baby massage fact sheet
    • Foundations and Fundamentals Handbook

    2. Safe Sleep Space will email you prior to your due date with the date of your first telephone consultation. Please note if this time is not suitable it can easily be changed by calling Safe Sleep Space on 1300 775 337.

    3. You will receive telephone support calls based on your personal situation and needs with a Safe Sleep Space Consultant. These telephone consultations will be provided around three weeks and again around three months following the birth of your baby. Safe Sleep Space will remind you, by text, prior to your telephone booking times.

    Other important information about the program:

    • Nurses & Midwives Health members must register directly via Nurses & Midwives Health.
    • Once a member is registered by Nurses & Midwives Health, it is understood that Nurses & Midwives Health has only referred members to Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space with their expressed consent for Teachers Healthcare Services to transfer their personal details to Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space as well as a referral summary.
    • Furthermore, Nurses & Midwives Health will only accept members into the program (and hence refer to Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space) if they, the member, consent to have their care summary transferred to Teachers Healthcare Services.
    • Your information provided to Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of providing you with the program.
    • De-identified program data will be provided to your Insurance Company by Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space purely to assess the success of and for improvements to delivering the program.
    • If members no longer wish to be a part of the program, they are permitted to opt-out at any time by emailing ‘unsubscribe’ to
    • This program is brought to members through Teachers Healthcare Services, an initiative of Nurses & Midwives Health to support our members’ health and wellbeing through quality, evidence-based health management programs and services.

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