For over 10 years, our team of qualified health professionals has helped 1000’s of families overcome their baby or toddler's unique sleep challenge to achieve sleep success.


"Experiencing is believing. I seriously didn't believe our sleep disaster could have been fixed, I was hoping at best, for an improvement. You have changed our lives and we cannot thank you enough for how this feels. And it was so lovely and gentle. Our heart filled thanks."

- Jodie & family

"I know it sounds very 'cliche' but the advice and confidence you have given me really has changed my little families life. 

Thank you so much. I will remember this forever." 

- Amanda, Damien and Tomas

"I discovered the Safe Sleep Space method when I had my 3rd baby and I wish I knew all this with my other two. It has been wonderful to be able to have my gut feelings reinforced by your resources. Thank you is not a big enough word for how this changed our lives."

- Beth & family

"We first learned about your resources after talking to our Health Nurse about our 12 month olds sleeping problems. We took all your advice on board and within 2-3 nights we had a happy settled little girl!! It changed our lives. I can't suggest you enough."

- Mother

"If I had truly believed for one minute that you could make my 2 1/2 year old sleep, I would have called you years ago. It was miraculous, she just needed some loving guidance and …. she sleeps all night after her book, cuddle and kiss!. This was perfect for our family. Thanks."

- Michele, Ben, Olivia & Oscar

"As a mum of 3 I had reservations about how you could help with my 5 month old who only slept for 10 minutes 3 times daily, and woke 2 hourly overnight. He is fixed, I am more functional and the entire family is in a better place. I recommend you to everyone I speak to. Eternal thanks."

- Bianca & boys