How To Cope When Your Child Stops Day Sleeping

How To Cope When Your Child Stops Day Sleeping

"When my son was born, his sister was two and a half years old. She decided, slightly before his arrival, that she was no longer interested in day sleeps.

Midday would see me staggering from her bedroom like I was emerging from a battle ground. My hair in disarray, my nerves jarred. Breathing deeply through frustration.

Nothing I did would work. No number of books, lullabies, patting or cuddling would sooth my defiant toddler to sleep."

Cindy Davenport from Safe Sleep Space gives Shevonne Hunt from Kinderling Conversation some helpful advice. You can read the full article here.


Toddlers are tricky, get some back up with our parent support tools.

As your baby develops into a toddler, they become increasingly aware of the world around them.

While this can be an exciting time for your toddler, it can also be challenging and frustrating for you both, as they begin to exert their independence and insist on doing things on their own.

The Guide to Toddlers is the perfect place to learn all of the skills and behaviours of your toddler and gentle and effective ways to communicate with them.

Many parents have reduced sleep. The Safe Sleep Space website has a variety of resources and supports to provide tips and advice on how to assist your baby with sleep. You can also book a phone consultation to speak with a Sleep Consultant.  

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